What are Memory Diamonds? | Memory Diamonds

What are Memory Diamonds?

Memory diamonds are certified high-quality jewelry diamonds that are a true memorial to a unique life.

The human body contains 18% carbon, diamonds are pure carbon.

Memory diamonds are real diamonds, made from loved ones' cremated ashes or hair, that can be graded the same to natural diamonds.

The only difference between natural diamonds and memory diamonds is their origin - 

  • Memory diamonds are created from cremated ashes or hair

  • Natural diamonds are minerals that form underground over billions of years.

Our Memory Diamond Guarantee to You:

All diamonds are individually authenticated, inspected, graded and identified by our world-renowned and highly trained gemologists. With each certified high-quality cremation diamond, we offer an exclusive diamond guarantee against any and all defects. 

Memory diamonds provide a way to embrace your loved ones memory each and every day and quickly become a family heirloom. The memory diamond is the most unique and timeless cremation jewelry tribute available.

We are the ONLY laboratory in the world that can create your diamond in ONE WEEK! Every other seller requires 6 to 9 MONTHS to complete your order!